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Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

    I retired in early October 2013 after 41 years of RF Design with Motorola and Raytheon (formerly Magnavox).

    If you’d like for me to give a presentation on solar topics and/or propagation to your local club via Skype, just let me know (k9la@arrl.net).

REVISED on 2 November 2014 - “Best Height for a 10m Antenna” in the HF link

REVISED on 2 November 2014 - “Single Band Winners in ARRL DX thru 2014” in the Contesting link

NEW on 2 November 2014 - “Maunder Minimum” in the Webinars link

NEW on 2 November 2014 - W9DXCC DXU 2014 in the DXU link

NEW on 2 November 2014 - Antennas link with two papers

Reminder: The W6ELProp executable file is in the Tutorials link.

Reminder: NM7M’s book titled “The Big Gun’s Guide to Low-Band Propagation” is in the 160m link.

Reminder: NM7M’s book titled “The Little Pistol’s Guide to HF Propagation” is in the General link.

I have been licensed since October 1961 (my Novice call was WN9AVT). My interest in propagation goes back to my college days at Purdue University (BSEE 1969, MSEE 1972).

This web site contains selected articles and presentations about propagation and solar topics from my monthly Practical Propagation column in CQ Plus (formerly WorldRadio), from my contributions to other Amateur Radio publications, and from shows I’ve given. These items are grouped into Timely Topics, Basic Concepts, Tutorials, General, 160m, HF, VHF, Contesting, Webinars and DXU presentations. Just click on the link on the left to navigate to these areas.

You can also read about my early Novice days at the WN9AVT link, my aviation days at the Aviation link, RF power amplifier topics in the RF Power Amps link and antenna topics in the Antennas link.

You can contact me at k9la@arrl.net.

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