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Propagation 101_23Sep07

VOACAP tutorial - May 2016

W6ELProp tutorial - May 2016     You may have to download and install the W6ELProp executable file as an Administrator. And you may have to use it as an Administrator.

With respect to running W6ELProp, Bill W4ZV suggested that I put the following two paragraphs on my web site. The paragraphs come from the October 19, 2007 ARRL Propagation Bulletin by K7RA:

1. Last week’s Propagation Forecast Bulletin ARLP042 mentioned a problem a reader had running W6ELprop under Microsoft’s Vista operating system. There is an easy fix. Our reader’s problem was probably with a security feature in Vista, and the solution is to right-click the W6ELprop installation file above from Windows Explorer, then select the Run as Administrator option.

2. We also received a helpful tip from Rex Lint, K1HI. Vista isn’t compatible with the Help file in W6ELprop, which has an .hlp extension. To fix this, there is a free patch from Microsoft, described at


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